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Introduction to Modern Photogrammetry [Paperback]

April 3, 2013

Evaluation Introduction to Modern Photogrammetry [Paperback]

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Introduction to Modern Photogrammetry [Paperback]

MASTER MODERN PHOTOGRAMMETRIC METHODS AND TOOLSLearn modern photogrammetric methods from three leaders in the field. Edward M. Mikhail, James S. Bethel, and J. Chris McGlone’s INTRODUCTION TO MODERN PHTOGRAMMETRY provides a strong grounding in the mathematical basis of photogrammetry, covers modern sensors and digital technology, and introduces readers to related areas, such as remote sensing and digital image processing, which are incrreasingly important to current photogrammetric practice and research. Workded examples are provided throughout the text and problems are provided at the end of each chapter to give the reader an opportunity for practice.Photogrammetric programs on CD-ROMA CD-ROM packaged with this text contains example programs with source code. These programs enable you to perform a diverse set of photogrammetric operations, of progressive complexity, as described in the text.Photogrammetric Web Site ( text is supported by an information-rich Web site, containing additional content and links to general photogrammetric resources, such as photogrammetric societies, mapping and GIS companies, and images and map data sources.

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