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Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide [Paperback]

April 3, 2013

Best Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide [Paperback]

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Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide [Paperback]

An Indispensable Resource Packed with Practical, Real-World AdviceGet the strategies you need for successful CAD management in this one-of-a-kind resource. You’ll learn the basics—such as how to assign tasks, set budgets, and formulate ROI—and delve into more complex issues. How does one prioritize? How are standards best formulated, written, and introduced? Is the goal to do projects faster or cheaper—or both? What are the common myths of CAD management and how can you debunk them? Full of savvy insights, techniques, strategies, and examples from the field, this practical book will broaden your technical, business, and management skills both in and out of the world of CAD. Assess the capabilities of your people and resources Formulate, write, and communicate in-house and vendor standards Establish a budget, find cost savings, and determine ROI Manage intellectual property, file security, and document control Get involved with network and IT planning Sell your ideas to management and end usersYou’ll also find configuration tips for specific engineering environments such as manufacturing, AEC, and civil engineering, as well as for specific software applications including AutoCAD®, SolidWorks®, and more.Featured on the CDCompanion CD includes a video introduction and book overview by author Robert Green. You’ll also find valuable tools to use with your own projects, including: Task list planner Work planning guide ROI worksheet System diagram worksheet Letter to senior managementYou’re sure to find helpful techniques within this book to make your CAD management role more effective and productive.—Lynn Allen, Autodesk Technical Evangelist and Cadalyst columnistRobert Green draws on many years of real-world experience as a CAD manager and consultant to deliver recommendations that work for any size and type of organization. He’s the top resource for CAD managers looking to increase performance and efficiency.—Sara Ferris, technology writer and editor, former editor of CadalystWith over 20 years of experience, Robert Green is an accomplished expert who understands the issues and pressures revolving around CAD management. He has developed a strategy that is clear, concise, and direct in solving those issues.—Matt Murphy, speaker, trainer, and author, ACADventuresIn order to be effective as a CAD Manager, you must stay current and knowledgeable, and Robert Green has the subject covered for you.—Shaan Hurley, Worldwide MyFeedback Programs Manager, Autodesk, Inc.His timely tools and ideas have consistently placed him as one of the highest rated instructors and consultants in the Autodesk community, and now, we get a recap of those tools and ideas presented in a book. FINALLY!! Fantastic!! —Dan Dolan, President, CADLearning by 4D TechnologiesRobert Green has a great combination of philosophy, real life experience, and raw data that can give you the insight and advantage over your competition.—Yoshi Honda, President, Pacific CADD Services, Inc.

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